About Us

About the founder of SmartSourav.com

Sourav is a talented and hardworking person. He grew up in a village called Jitpur in Nadia district in West Bengal. He was born in a poor family. His father is a farmer. As he belonged to a poor family he did not get any opportunity from his early age.
He always thought that education is the only weapon to him by which he can change the financial condition of his family and give his father rest from strenuous work in the field. So, from a young age, he tried to study hard so that he could obtain good marks in exams.
There was no electricity in his house. As a result, he had to study in the light of the lantern and candle till class 12. Slowly he was moving towards his goal. He got marks above 80% in secondary and higher secondary. He got 95 marks in Higher Secondary Maths and got above 90 marks in Physics in Higher Secondary.
Then when he was admitted to Santipur College with maths, he had to face many obstacles. He had to face a brain injury due to a wrong treatment by a local doctor. And he had to go through the stage of Coma. He had to suffer from brain injury for almost 7 years.
As a result, he had to stop studying. As a result, his childhood dream was shattered.

This obstacle could not stop him. When he recovered, he began to study again. In a short time, he learned web development and machine learning.
In 2018, he received a scholarship from Google on Android Development.
Moreover, in 2018, he started his own blog SmartSaurav.com
Now his focus is on mastering digital marketing and earning a lot so that he can take care of educating the poor boys and girls in his area. From a young age, his mind wept over the plight of poor people. He still feels the hardships of being born into a poor family.dog_lover

Also, he is a dog lover. He already has 4 cats and 2 dogs at his home. He thinks we all should work together to make the world a better place for dogs and other animals.dog lover
He takes care of not only his house dogs but also the street dogs. Whenever he sees an injured dog, he takes him to the hospital. His aim is to earn a lot of money so that he can feed all the street dogs.