Discipline in student life

The word ‘discipline’ has been derived from the word ‘disciple’ and it means obedience to certain rules and regulations. The life of a man without discipline is like a letter without an address. So, it should be cultivated from the very beginning of our life if we want to shine. Every society has certain rules to regulate the life and activities of its members. If the rules are broken, the society suffers. Discipline is essential in every walk of life- from the playground to the offices, from the family to the battlefield. It is the most important thing in student life. Student life is the best time to prepare ourselves for the future. Without discipline, no student can earn proper education and training. In the student, life discipline forms the very base on which the whole life of a man stands. So, every student must live a strictly disciplined life. Students should follow the rules of their schools and colleges. They should obey their teachers and listen to what they teach. They should attend their classes punctually and prepare their lessons regularly. Without discipline, teachers cannot teach properly and students cannot learn their lessons perfectly. There are many examples that indiscipline has much affected the intellectual and moral qualities of many promising scholars. The student should remember that they are the citizens of tomorrow. So if they do not learn discipline, they will fail to lead the nation.