Now you can get a driving license, register your vehicle and even you can get Learner’s Driving License from the comfort of your home.

On 4th March 2021, the Ministry of Road and Transport Highways(MORTH) has notified that from now you don’t need to go to the RTO office for getting a driving license and learner’s driving license.

Now you can apply online through mobile, computer, or tablet. Also, you can register your vehicle online. No more need to go to the RTO office.

MORTH has written in their official Twitter account that some services such as Driving License and Certificate of Registration have been made online.

Customers no longer have to go to the RTO office for these services. These contactless services can be availed only with Aadhar authentication on a voluntary basis.

Aadhaar-Authentication Based Contactless service is expected to make the licensing process easier and at the same time citizens will be able to access the service without any hassle, claims this special ministry.

More than 1,000 Road Transport Offices (RTOs) across the country are being computerized, according to a report on the Ministry of Road and Transport Highways website.

Registration certificates and driving licenses issued online by the RTO will be valid throughout the country.

To accomplish this important task, the Ministry entrusts the National Informatics Center with the task of adapting and deploying the VAHAN software for vehicle registration.

In addition, the National Informatics Center has been given the responsibility of developing another software called SARATHI, where the process of compiling driving license and all related information, vehicle registration, and above all, state and national registers can be simplified very easily.

The ministry further said, ‘VAHAN and SARATHI have been made, in accordance with the Central Motor Vehicle Act 1988. Above all, the development of this two software is in line with the requirements of a total of 36 states, including the effectiveness of state motor vehicle laws and customization of core products.

Find out how to apply for a Learner’s Driving License online –

Step 1 – First click on this link

This will open a page that looks like the below image

driving license application home page


Step 2 – Go to the ‘Online Services’ option in the dropdown menu and then click on Driving License Related services.




The page will open in front of you.

Parivahan Sarathi Home Page

Step 3 – In the Select State scroll-down menu, select your own state or the place for which you are applying for a license.

Parivahan Sarathi Home Page


Step 4 – Now select ‘Apply for Learner License’ or ‘Apply for Driving License’ or ‘Apply for DL Renewal’ – whichever of these three options you need.


Clicking on the Learners License option will take you to the page that will take you to:
To submit the Learner License application, go through the following steps step by step –


1. Fill up the application for a learner’s license.


2. Fee payment.
3. Verify Pay Status.
4. Print the receipt.
5. Book the Learners License Slot.

Step 5 – You will be shown on the application page of Learner’s License.
Choose the right option for you –

* Category.
* Whether there was any driving license before.
* Date of birth.
* If the applicant has a Learner License, please enter the LL Number.
* Date of birth.
* Note: Give whatever is in the license number. If there is any space, it must be given. (Please Enter the License number as it is and if it contains space.)

Step 6 – Once all the details are filled up, click Submit.


How to Apply for a Smart Card Driving License Offline:

Here’s how you can get your new smart card driving license via the offline process.

  • Step 1 – Visit your nearest RTO and request for an SCDL application form. Also, collect the forms related to declaring physical fitness and medical certificate.
  • Step 2 – Fill the forms with required details, attach relevant documents, and submit your application request to the RTO.
  • Step 3 – You will be required to pay the necessary fee based on the type of vehicle for which you need the DL. Make the payment and collect a receipt for the same.
  • Step 4 – Select a time slot for your driving test based on the availability.
  • Step 5 – Appear for the test as per the chosen slot.
  • Step 6 – Upon passing the test, you shall be directed towards the biometric collection centre.
  • Step 7 – You shall receive your SCDL via post at your registered address.