Duties of students

A student is a seeker after knowledge. So it is obvious that the main business of a student is to study. Some people think that students are like devotees in the temple of learning. Their only work should be to study and learn. Student life is the ground for preparation for making a bright life in the future. If a student neglects to learn, he would suffer in his long run.

But at the same time, it is also true that a student is a member of the society. So he should learn how to love others and help the poor and distressed of the country. In a backward country like India, he can play a vital role in adult education, social cleanliness, literacy drive programme and removing ignorance and blind faith from the minds of the common mass of his native land. A student should get more lessons. He should respect his parents and elders and obey them. A student of today is the citizen of tomorrow. As a future citizen of the country, every student has the duty to equip himself properly. A student should cultivate discipline, honesty, sincerity, and perseverance in his character. Such a student with various good quality is badly needed for a society or a nation for progress and prosperity.