Before going to the main part of this post let me tell about a serious problem of our country. We all know that our country is facing many problems but perhaps the most serious and crucial problem is that India is facing today is unemployment. The main reason behind it is the Education System in India. Unemployment means a person willing to work but unable to find a quality job.

In the Government sector and in some Private Sector people get the job by giving the bribe. Even though the candidate is not that qualified but if he gives the bribe he gets the job. So to get a Government job give a bribe. The poor-qualified candidate remains unemployment as they have no money to give the bribe.

Our education system is also no less responsible for the seriousness of this problem. Education of today is cut off from the realities and practical problems of life. Students study very hard to obtain a degree. It is unfortunate that these degrees do not provide them a suitable job.

What is wrong with the Education System of India?

1) Half the country does not even have access to proper education, and only a small fraction can go to university.

– Limited seats in Universities

– Lack of quality of primary education for the poor
2) Everything is about rote memorization, leading to behavior which encourages cramming and forgetting rather than life long learning.

3) Lack of diversity in the subjects you can take in college (e.g. can’t double major in Math and German like you can in the USA)

4) Extreme pressure from parents/society to use education for financial security. Societal pressure to get into the “right schools”, not only for the education aspect but to ensure good job/ marriage prospects, in general success in life.

5) Little incentive to take risks and follow own interests or encourage creativity. Generally conformist culture, which makes educational achievement the only thing that matters to social standing.

6) Additional extreme pressure due to limited seats resulting in very intense competition between students.

7) Reservation system

8) Management quota system

9) The education sector is closed to for-profit organizations.

10) Few opportunities and flexibility to cross over into different streams of education and many more…

Yesterday, I was watching the film ‘3 Idiots’ when I came across the scene, I am talking about the character here, where Rancho labeled the person as a “Gadha” because first, he did engineering, then MBA in the US and then ended up doing a job in a Bank.

Students in India pursue engineering in most of the colleges is simply because they want a job, not because they want a job in the field of Engineering. Just to get a job, parents send their students from class 6 to IIT-JEE coaching and tuition.

Here in India, people take up engineering to just get a certificate as proof that they are ‘educated.’ Not everybody loves engineering, almost everybody hates engineering.

Today we have engineers in who write books and judge dance shows, we have engineers who do jobs in banks, and in fields not at all related to engineering. This has degraded engineering education in our country to such an extent that getting a job has become harder. Indian engineers are considered ‘unemployable’ and ‘unfit’.

Look at the boy on the left-He is Abhimanyu Sadasivan.

Education System in India

Image Source: Google

Abhimanyu was a 16-year old student in 11th grade. He was found dead on the terrace of his family’s apartment in March 2014. He committed suicide in the midst of his exams and left a suicide note in his chemistry exam sheet. On it, was written,

“The CBSE system is based on mugging. Education should be about understanding and applying your knowledge. My death should be a lesson and a reason for the system to change.”

Apparently, he had a pretty high IQ. He liked reading and writing a lot.

Like others, I also went through this situation but now the situation has changed for me. It is only for AttainU. I heard about AttainU first on Facebook.

The founder of AttainU, Divyan Goel, had a dream from his childhood that one day he would do something big so that people can live better in India. After completing his B.Tech Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay, he got jobs in Google, Microsoft, Uber, and More. Though he was outside of India for his job but his mind was always in India.

So, he left his job and came back to India and on a mission to systematically solve the problems of the Education System in India he founded AttainU where he started a program that invests in students. AttainU doesn’t take any fees from students, it takes a little amount of money to carry on this program after you get a job.


Why you should choose AttainU?

  • The deferred payment model
  • A program that invests in you

  • Zero Upfront Fee

  • You Only Pay after you get a job

  • Do what you love
  • To Change the Education System in India
  • $30 billion industry
  • Industry Partner: Make My Trip, Swiggy, Delhivery, Grofers, Meesho, Redbus, Makaan, and More;
  • Dealing with negative feedback.
  • Salary above 10 lakhs*
  • Have strong convictions – ignore the buzzwords and do your research
  • Good book recommendations – Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo,

and much much more!

What you’ll learn here in AttainU:

Software Engineering:

Full-Stack Web Development

Full Time, 9 am – 5 pm

24 Weeks

AttainU, Full Stack Web Development

Image Source: AttainU Website

Hear from AttainU’s other Students:

“I am a beginner in coding. Due to the syllabus which starts from the very beginning, it is easier to learn. Also, the assignments for applying the concepts, and an always-online instructor who can help when stuck at anytime are best for learning. I am happy that I am enrolled in this programme.”

— Mudaliar Naresh

“This course is amazing and engaging. The instructor teaches a topic (not just theory part, he shows us how to implement) and gives the assignment on that topic on the same day. The best part of this course is that there is an assignment discussion session where the instructor clears everyone’s doubts.”

— Srinivas Namballa

“I hardly saw any assignments like the ones we are getting here in this course and also the coding challenge. Everyone is getting equal attention so that no one is left behind. Hands-on experience with tools that are currently being used in the industry, I am really hopeful and looking forward to getting job-ready and getting placed in roles, which we deserve…Thank you.”

— Ravi Shankar

Education System in India

Team Members of AttainU:

1. Divyam Goel:

Google, Uber, IIT Bombay – Computer Science

2.Vaivab Bajpai

Founding Team-GeeksforGeeks

3.Ansal Mon

Eng. Director – Akshara Foundation

Open Source Enthusiast

Jaaga Study

4. Arkesh Jaiswal

BITS Pilani Btech Computer Science.


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