Gifts of Science

At the very dawn of creation, the condition of man was too miserable and helpless to put into words. He had to suffer the furry and inclemencies of whimsical nature. But in modern times with the help of science and technology man has brought about a sea change in every sphere of human life.

Modern civilized life, in fact, is based on the manifold gifts of science. We get up from bed with the sound of the alarm clock; we take tea and breakfast prepared in an electric oven; we read the morning newspaper: All these we enjoy because of science. We keep our food in a refrigerator. We feel hot we use a fan or cooler driven by electricity. As a scholar of the bygone days, we are not to depend on dim light to study. When ill we have at our hands various medicines and equipment which was an absurd dream only a few years ago. In the field of transport and communication science has made tremendous progress from animal-drawn carts to supersonic jets. We have moving escalator to get to the top of the floor of a sky-scraper. Through artificial satellite, we have improved our communication network. An internet connection at home will bring the world into our drawing room. In the field of entertainment, we have the radio, T.V, V.C.R, cable line etc. Computer is doing marvels now. Science is thus serving us as a faithful housemaid.

Unfortunately, in many countries, science is being misused to invent deadlier weapons which are altogether undesirable. If science is used in a proper way, it would bring immense benefits to mankind.