Finally, the wait is over. The much-awaited JioFiber home broadband services will roll out in September with a starting price of Rs 700 a month.

JioFiber (formerly Jio GigaFiber) was officially launched in India on August 12. On that day, Mukesh Ambani, chairman of the company, mentioned the special advantages of the service. However, he did not give any details on what the plan would be, what his validity would be.


Reportedly, JioFiber’s services will be included in the premium plan, including full HD TVs, free set-top boxes, Jio home phones, cheap international calls, subscription to OTT premium applications. These services are of course attractive, but the company has reported that Jio Welcome offers more benefits at a lower price. Let’s not know what the Jio Welcome Offer really is.

JioFiber Welcome Offer :

If a customer chooses a JioFiber Forever plan or an Annual Plan, he/she will be given a free Full HD TV or 4K Set-top Box. The quality of the TV or set-top box will change as per the plan. This offer is named Jio Welcome Offer. This offer will be available from September 5, the company’s three year anniversary. Although we will have to wait until September 5 to find out what the JioFiber Forever Plan will cost or how long the validity would be.

Jio 4K Set-top Box:

The company has informed that all JioFiber plans will have a 4K setup box available. It will be a digital set-top box. It will offer Ultra HD Entertainment, VR content, multi-party video conferencing, voice-enabled virtual assistant, home security, smart home solution, and interactive gaming.

JioFiber Plan:


The company has not yet announced what benefits JioFiber plans. However, Ambani said the plans would cost Rs 700 to Rs 10,000 per month. All plans for JioFiber will be available from September 5 on or on the MyJio app.

What are the all services that Jio announced, a quick look


Reliance JioFiber will be launched from the 5th of next month. Jio’s new service will completely transform your Internet experience at home. At the company’s annual general meeting held on August 12, Esha and Akash Ambani along with Mukesh Ambani also shared various details about this new service from Jio. Customers will get some plans for this service starting from Rs 700 to Rs 10,000.

JioFiber Speed:

Up to 100 Mbps speed will be available on the JioFiber Basic plan. Also, the premium pack will have a speed of 1Gbps. Currently, the average download speed of fixed broadband connection in India is 26.46Mbps and upload speed is 21.91Mbps.

Free Landline Connection and Calling with JioFiber:

Reliance JioFiber will give customers free landline connections. For this, the company will not charge any additional charge to the customer. Here, customers can make free calls to any network.


Benefits of International Calling:

The company also said that Jiofiber customers will be able to make unlimited calls one month in the US and Canada for just Rs. 500.

A free HD TV with JioFiber:

The company has announced the release of a free LED TV and 4K set-top box on the Geo Gigafiber Forever plan. However, nothing has yet been revealed about the forward plan.

Video call via a set-top box:

JioFiber allows users to make video conference calls from the set-top boxes they receive. Users can make video conference calls with up to four people simultaneously through the set-top box. Video conference calls can also be made from TVs to mobiles and tablets.

New movie ‘Fast Day Fast Show’ with JioFiber:

Mukesh Ambani has announced that a new movie will also be released on JioFiber. That is, users will be able to watch new movies on the first show of the day at home. Ambani has stated that the facility will begin in mid-2020. For this, the company will launch the MR (Mixed Reality) device. This device will have many more features as well.

Reliance Jio partners with Microsoft to bring its Azure cloud technology to India

Reliance has entered into a ten-year partnership with Microsoft. Jio will offer Microsoft solutions to small and medium enterprises at just Rs 1,500 per month as a package, including connectivity. Reliance will also set up data centers that would run Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Jio-Microsoft-patnership to launch JioFiber

“Together, we will offer comprehensive technology solutions — from compute and storage to connectivity and productivity — to SMBs everywhere in the country,” said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, speaking through a video message at the AGM. The partnership will combine Azure, Azure AI and Office 365 with Jio’s connectivity and digital solutions, he added.

Mukesh Ambani told shareholders at the 42nd annual general meeting of the company on Monday, “Jio has over 6,000 software engineers and we are continuing to attract technology talent from across India and the world.”

Ambani also said up to 80% of the cost of running a startup goes towards cloud and connectivity infrastructure, adding that the Reliance-Microsoft partnership would offer connectivity and cloud infrastructure “free for budding startups”.

For micro, small and medium businesses, a bundle of connectivity, productivity and automation tools are typically priced between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000 per month, but Reliance and Microsoft would offer these applications along with connectivity for “one-tent.

“In combining efforts, Jio and Microsoft aim to enhance the adoption of leading technologies like data analytics, AI, cognitive services, blockchain, Internet of Things, and edge computing among small and medium enterprises to make them ready to compete and grow, while helping accelerate technology-led GDP growth in India and driving adoption of next-gen technology solutions at scale,” the company said in a press release.