Before going to the main part of this post let me tell about a serious problem of our country. We all know that our country is facing many problems but perhaps the most serious and crucial problem that India is facing today is unemployment. Unemployment means a person willing to work but unable to find a quality job.

In Government sector and in some Private Sector people get the job by giving the bribe. Even though the candidate is not that qualified but if he gives the bribe he gets the job. So to get a Government job give a bribe. The poor qualified candidate remains unemployment as they have no money to give the bribe.

Our education system is also no less responsible for the seriousness of this problem. Education of today is cut off from the realities and practical problems of life. Students study very hard to obtain a degree. It is unfortunate that these degrees do not provide them a suitable job.

Like others I also went through this situation but now the situation has changed for me. I have changed my luck by my own. Today I am going to tell you the process how I fought and won those situation. And now I am doing 2 main jobs at the same time and other side jobs and earning lots of money. I do not need to go anywhere for doing these jobs. I just work from my home. Only one PC and stable internet connection are needed. So let see what I do.

Online Survey Jobs:

Online surveys are one of the simplest jobs available on the internet. This job does not need any educational qualification. Anyone can do this type of job. By doing online survey one can earn Rs.500-Rs.1500 easily everyday. It is very important to login to your survey account 4-5 times in a day and complete the available surveys. You can see in most of the surveys you will be disqualified but don’t need to worry. It happens to all. When you fail to qualify in any survey, just go ahead and try the new one. Remember one thing, tell the truth in the survey but not in all questions. In online surveys , different companies ask for your opinion for their services and products, so that they can increase their sales. Don’t think too much. Just create your account and start earning. Here is the list of top online survey company.


Swagbucks is one of the most legit survey sites that I have found on the imterint. It offers variety of ways to earn ‘swagbucks’, ranging from completing survey to surfing the web, it is a profitable option for all to earn extra money from home.

Swagbucks offers from 1SB to 1000SB for each completed survey. Not only survey, there are many ways to earn money on Swagbucks.These are:-

(i). Using Swagbucks as a search engine. Though it is really strange to hear but if you use the search engine they provide (which is powered by Yahoo) they will randomly give you a random amount of SB which is really cool.

(ii). Games: It has a number of fun and popular games on their site you can play and earn money for playing those games only. Is not it cool? Yes, of course.

Not only these but also there are ton of other ways like Special Offers, Online Shopping through it and earn cash back, Completing Daily Polls, Watching Videos, Trial Offers, Hourly Random Winner and of course you can also increase your earning by inviting your friends to join.

To get extra 300 SB go to this link and sign up.


Clixsense is the company from where I made my first money from internet. I have written a post about clixsense in details in this article….So don’t wait. Just click on this link and change your luck forever.

3.Global Test Market

Global Test Market is another great online survey company. One can earn good amount of money from this site. This site pay $0.10 to $5 per survey. If you complete only 4 survey per day then at the end of the day your earning will be $5*4=$20 (Rs.1300). Click on this link to sign up Global Test Market pay through Paypal and Gift Voucher of Amazon, Flipkart etc.

4.Valued Opinion

Valued Opinion is another online survey site. This site is very popular to me because one get his/her money through gift voucher immediately to his email after submitting request for the reward.They don’t delay to pay. One can be paid through Gift Voucher (Amazon, Flipkart) after reaching Rs.400 in his/her valued opinion account.

5.Panel Station

Panel Station pay through Paytm and other gift voucher of Amazon, Flipkart etc. Panel Station has an app in the Google Play store called “The Panel Station-Get Paid!”. This company gives you Rs.100 Paytm Cash each month if you keep this app logged in to your phone. So, if you keep their app in your phone for one year then you will get Rs.1200 Paytm Cash for doing nothing. Is not it great? So why worry?

6.Ojooo Wad

Ojooo Wad is the best PTC site on the internet now. Though it is a PTC site, I have kept this site in the list of Online survey sites because one can earn money by completing surveys also. I wrote an article about how Ojooo Wad works in details. You can read that post also. The link of the post is Earn $40-$50 Per Day With Ojoo. One can earn Rs.20,000 to Rs.40,000 per month only from this site. But only need is patient for first 5-6 months. There is a proven strategy also so that you can earn big. You can find this strategy after clicking on this link Ojooo Strategy To Earn $50 Per Day. In past Ojooo paid through Paypal but now in India they are paying through Bitcoin and Etherum. Most important thing of this site is Ojooo Wad pay its Privilege members within the same day after getting the payment request. Sometime it may be within 30 to 60 minutes.

To create an account of Ojooo Wad just go to this link and sign up. It is free to register.

Except the above mentioned sites you can create your account with the following sites also to increase your earning.


8.You Gov:

9.iSurvey World:



12. Tech India-c Space-Surveys: