Internet sensation Ranu Mondal has just recorded her second song “Aadat” with Himesh Reshammiya.

Ranu Mondal

After recording Teri Meri Kahaani , the internet sensation Ranu Mondal recorded her second song “Aadat” with Himesh Reshammiya.

ranu mondal song

She became a star overnight after a video of her singing “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai” at the Ranaghat railway station in West Bengal went viral few days ago.

ranu mondal song

Behind Ranu’s success, Atindra Chakraborty, a 26-year-old engineer, is responsible  as he had shared the first video on Facebook that was gone viral  across social media. Atindra frequently shares updates about Ranu on Facebook and also he posted the video of her second recording session with Himesh.

It begins with Himesh’s voiceover as Ranu sings along. “This alaap and voice over is the theme of Happy Hardy and Heer,” an excerpt from Atindra’s caption for the post read.

Ranu often sang for the commuters at the Ranaghat railway station prior to her newfound stardom. Atindra heard her singing once during he was drinking tea with his friends and recorded the video of her song “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai” at the station. Two days later, on July 23, the young engineer posted Ranu’s video on Facebook and the rest is now history. Now, she is in Bollywood recording studio, straight from the railway platform! Not the story, the horror is real.

Ranu Mondal, in fact, also got a call from a reality show and got a makeover at a local beauty parlor ahead of it.

Another good thing happened for her is that she met her daughter after a very long time since both were not in contact with each other. It also happened only for her viral song, Swati (Ranu’s daughter) found her mother. After coming back from Mumbai she met her daughter and was overjoyed in tears.

ranu mondal and her daughter
                                                                           ##Ranu Mondal and her daughter##

Ranu Mondal was born in Krishnanagar, Nadia. After her mother’s death, she spent most of her childhood at the house of her aunt in Ranaghat, Nadia, West Bengal.

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