More than a million people have heard her singing Lata Mangeshkar’s Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai. Guess who is she?
Yes, she is Ranu Mondal from Ranaghat, West Bengal, now more famous as the ‘Lata of Ranaghat’. She is a Shining Example of Genuine talent that can be born anywhere!

Bollywood music composer Himesh Reshammiya recorded a song with Ranu recently.

He wrote in an Instagram Post “Recorded Teri meri Kahani my new song from happy hardy and heer with the very talented Ranu Mondal who has a divine voice, all your our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them, a positive attitude can really make dreams come true, thanks for all your love and support.”

Ranu Mondal's Unbelievable Song with Himesh Reshammiya becomes viral.

In two weeks, Ranu, in her late 50s has become India’s latest internet sensation. Numerous portals and social media pages are flooded with her videos where she can be seen singing Lata Mangeshkar’s chartbusters one after another with effortless ease.

Ranu Mondal's Unbelievable Song with Himesh Reshammiya becomes viral.

#Ranu Mondal’s Unbelievable Song with Himesh Reshammiya#

“It was a chance encounter,” Atindra Chakraborty, a 26-year old engineer who first heard Ranu singing a Mohammed Rafi number at Ranaghat station, said.

“I was hanging out with my friends at a tea stall on platform No 6. A Rafi song was playing on the radio aloud. Suddenly I heard a lady humming to the tune, as she sat on the platform floor. I asked her if she could sing something for us. She sang a song and I recorded it on my mobile. We were surprised how melodious she was,” Chakraborty told.

That evening, Chakraborty and his friends spent an hour with Ranu as she sang old melodies. They even gave her some food and water.

Two days later, on July 23, the young engineer posted Ranu’s video on Facebook and the rest is now history. Now, she is in Bollywood recording studio, straight from the railway platform! Not the story, the horror is real.

Ranu Mondal used to sing the song of Lata Mangeshkar at the Ranaghat station. Then … one viral video. And straight from the station, she reached Mumbai’s song recording studio. People are watching videos of her songs on Facebook all over the country. She has gotten calls from Kolkata, Mumbai, Kerala. She was also invited to sing at a reality show.

Runu’s song can be heard in the playback of the movie “Happy Hardy and Deer”. She also sang a duet with Bollywood’s renowned composer Himesh Reshammiya. A picture of Himesh called ‘Happy Hardy and Deer’ is waiting for release. The composer himself acted in the film. He has a dual character. Ranu Mandal is playing back in that film.

Here is the song



Ranu Mondal and Himesh

Ranu Mondal’s Unbelievable Song with Himesh Reshammiya

Himesh Reshammiya himself is very happy that Ranu is busy. He said, “Selim Uncle, father of Salman once told me to stand next to the gifted people in his life. To help him in the best way possible. I’ve tried that too. “