Sound pollution is one of the gravest threats to environment we live in. There are many sources of sound pollution. The frequent and senseless use of microphones is the main cause of sound pollution. The indiscriminate use of loud speakers is a kind of headache to the peace loving people both in villages and towns. The bursting of crackers is responsible for creating sound pollution. The use of horns in vehicles also causes this pollution. The hooting from busy places, shouting of slogans and sound from mills and factories also greatly contribute to sound pollution.

Sound pollution poses s lot of dangers in our life. The students are greatly disturbed by the unnecessary excessive sound. The old and sick persons can not have sound sleep at night. The jarring sound works havoc on their nerves. It creates a lot of health hazards and makes our life miserable. It causes deafness, blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart problems, tension, psychological imbalance and even death.

The pollution control board and the high court have taken effective measures to bring sound pollution under control. The Kolkata High Court passed an order not to cross 65 decibel limit in any case. But mere laws can not check this problem of pollution. What is urgently needed is to rouse people’s awareness of the possible danger of sound pollution.