My Favourite Season or The Season I like Most

Each and every season with its own beauty and charm comes in a cyclic order in our country. Of all the six seasons I like the Autumn most. This season comes after the rainy season and comprises the months of September and October. In this season everybody seems to be full of hope and joy. In autumn the dark cloud begins to disappear, the deep blue sky is bathed in sunshine. At night the sky is studded with millions of stars and sometimes the silver moon is seen shining brightly among them. The gardens are filled with the sweet smell of flowers. Happiness reigns everywhere. Autumn is a season of festivals. The greatest Hindu festivals Durga Puja is held in this season. Besides this, Kartik Puja, Laxmi Puja, Dewali, Bhatri-Dwitia etc. are another important festival which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. People of other religions also enjoy these festivals. The schools and colleges remain closed for a month. Men and women, old and children celebrate the festive days with great joy wearing new and colorful dresses. They forget the pains of poverty and worries. When autumn departs we feel joy coupled with sadness. For all these reasons autumn is my favorite season.