Television is one of the most wonderful gifts of modern science. It was invented by J.L.Baired of England in 1923. It has now almost become an inseparable part of our daily life. It brings the whole world into our drawing room.

Television has a lot of social, cultural, educative and entertaining values. Through various channels it goes on entertaining us for 24 hours. We can have the glimpse of various lives happenings around the world. One can enjoy the excitement and thrills of one-day cricket, football, hockey and various other games and sports. We can witness films, dramas, performances of dance, recitation, songs etc.

From the T.V people are very much benefited by discussions learned men and scholars on different subjects like literature, science and technology, history, Geography, health and hygiene etc. The farmers can gather current information and latest research on agricultural and weather report. Students also may be benefited by the programmes on education. Thus T.V plays an important role in shaping our mind and our knowledge and enriching our outlook.

However T.V has its dark side also. By watching T.V for hours students often neglect their studies. Too much of T.V viewing may affect our eyesight. Different programmes and vulgar films full of violence bring about moral degradation among the youth. So T.V viewing should be regulated and restrained.