A village fair is an annual market which is held on a sacred day. It generally sits in an open place by the side of a river, in front of a temple, etc. It lasts for a day or even for some days.

A fair is held on the first day of Baishakh in every new Bengali year. Many other fairs took place on many other occasions.

A Village Fair

A village fair is a popular market. Specifically, women and children eagerly wait for it for a long time. On the particular day, traders erect stalls in the fair place and bring pretty articles for sale.

In the market, a large gathering of sellers and buyers is often found various things are on display and the buyers crowd around them to buy. The children take delight in buying flutes, balloons, toys, etc. It is really a day of joy for them.

Women generally buy household things and some people buy articles and tools which are not available in the daily market. Various wonderful things are exhibited in a village fair. Big crowds are found near the magic tent, circus tent etc.

The merry-go-round is very popular with the children. a fair thus becomes a Joyland for the villagers. A village fair has some economic value in the life of village people.

In a fair people of different religions mix freely together forgetting their differences, pains, and sorrows for some days.

Thus it promotes bother-hood and amity among people. A fair brings some recreation in the dull and monotonous life of the village people.