West Bengal Higher Secondary Students are Under High Pressure This Year as All India Joint Entrance Exam(Advanced) will be Taken on 27th May and West Bengal Higher Secondary Result 2019 will be Published on the Same Day and the State Joint Entrance Exam will be Taken a Day Before i.e on 26th May.

All India Joint Entrance (Advanced) test will be taken on 27th May. On Monday, the results of West Bengal Higher Secondary 2019 will be declared on that day, said Mohua Das, president of Higher Secondary Education.

Westbengal higher Secondary students are in high pressure

Joint Entrance Examination and higher secondary results fall on the same day as the pressure of the examinations seem to increase. Not just this pair pressure, May 26 is also the date of the State Joint Entrance Exam. That is, the pressure is triangular. Brahmachari Turiya Chaitanya, the headmaster of the Ramakrishna Mission School of Narendrapur, said, “On the same day the result of high school and an important test. The teachers will be under great pressure. “The parliamentary general secretary of the government school teacher association, Sadatal Basu, commented that Parliament could keep these students out of pressure.

Class 12 students are in high pressure

Higher Secondary Examination ends March 13. On 74 days the fruit is going to be released. The results will be announced at the journalist meeting on May 27 at 10 am. Schools must collect mark sheets

and certificates from the office of WBCHSE. The students will get it in the hands on that same day.

Shortly after the media started testing, there was a complaint about getting out of the question in WhatsApp. The Board of Secondary Education did not want to believe that the question was leaked. After that strain, additional precautions were taken in the higher secondary examination. In the days of Examination, Internet service was discontinued for a certain time in sensitive areas of some districts. And at last, the test was undoubtedly finished.

WBCHSE Results(Year) Previous Result Announcement Dates
2019 27th May 2019
2018 08 June 2018
2017 20 May 2017
2016 16 May 2016
2015 29 May 2015
2014 30 May 214