When the whole world is affected by the disease caused by Coronavirus, there is a common question among the common people and that is how we can protect ourselves from Coronavirus?

In this short article I am going to tell you what exactly you and all should do to avoid Coronavirus.

Before going to discuss about it let’s see the symptoms of the disease caused by Coronavirus.

The common symptoms are:-


  • Feeling tiredness
  • You may feel ‘Nasal Congestion’
  • May have ‘Fever’
  • Feel Body pain
  • Runny Nose
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry Caugh &
  • Sore Throats

In some cases, the virus can be transmitted when in close contact with an infected person.


So, you should be careful to come close to an unknown person.

What you can do to protect yourself from Coronavirus?

  • Avoid close contact with anyone suffering from the above symptoms.
  • Cover your mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing.
  • Wash your hands with Soap or use an alchohol based antibacterial sanitizer.
  • Wear a mask if you have any respiratory issues such as runny nose.
  • See a doctor if you feel unwell or have any symptoms.

Remember: This doesn’t constitute medical advice and cannot be used to treat or diagnose this disease. If you observe any symptoms, please contact your doctor or hospital immediately!!!