4D Heated Massage Office Chair Multifunctional Zero Gravity

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Experience unparalleled relaxation with our advanced heated massage office chair featuring 22 massage heads, 3D simulation, and energy-efficient design. Elevate comfort, safety, and style in the convenience of your home.

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Indulge in the epitome of relaxation with our advanced massage chair, featuring an array of cutting-edge features:

  1. Multi-Point Massage: Enjoy 22 massage heads targeting the neck, waist, and back, offering a rejuvenating kneading experience.
  2. Humanized Controls: Convenient shortcut buttons for effortless operation, providing a user-friendly interface.
  3. 3D Simulation: Immerse yourself in a lifelike massage experience with 3D simulation, catering to various massage preferences.
  4. Adaptable Design: Head and leg extension for accommodating different heights, ensuring a personalized and comfortable fit.
  5. Energy-Efficient: Reduce costs and increase efficiency with a power-saving design.
  6. Comprehensive Massage: Experience thorough relaxation with 6 buttocks massages, deep space zero gravity, and constant temperature hot compress for the waist and back.
  7. Safe and Reliable: Operates at a safe voltage, ensuring a secure and dependable massage experience.
  8. Sole Massage: Treat your feet with 12 heads on the sole, offering a soothing roller scraping massage.
  9. Airbag Massage: Full-body airbag massage with a wave-like rhythm, enveloping you in a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
  10. Customizable Programs: Choose from 5 customized massage programs suitable for the entire family, featuring flexible fascia movement for a tailored experience.
  11. Human Hand Simulation: Mimics human hand movements with an S-shaped track, providing targeted and comfortable massage techniques.
  12. Zero Gravity Suspension: Elevate relaxation with a zero-gravity suspension, creating a floating sensation for a deeply calming experience.
  13. Airbag Pinching: Specific airbags for shoulders, arms, hips, and legs, offering diverse massage intensities for optimal comfort.
  14. Foot Spa Experience: Pamper your feet with airbags, calf pinching, foot wrap, plantar scraping, and hot compress, providing a spa-like treatment at home.
  15. Space-Saving Design: Integrated installation with a sliding dart space, suitable for various home scenarios, making it a perfect fit for modern living.
  16. High Definition Touch Screen: Navigate your massage preferences effortlessly with the intelligent touch screen, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

Unwind and rejuvenate with our innovative massage chair – where cutting-edge technology meets ultimate comfort. Elevate your relaxation journey today!

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Real Photo Showheated massage office chairProduct Description:

1.22 heads at neck, waist, and back’Kneading and massage

2. Humanized shortcut buttons for more convenient operation

3.3D simulation human Enjoy various massages

4. Head and leg extension Adapt to different heights

5. Save electricity and reduce consumption Reduce costs and increase efficiency

6.6 buttocks Massage and kneading

7. Deep space zero gravity

8. Waist and back back+calves Warm compress to warm the body and mind

9. Constant temperature hot compress Warm Back Health Preservation

10. Safe voltage Safe and reliable

11.12 heads on the sole of the foot Roller scraping massage

12. Full body airbag massage Wave-shaped package with fruits

13. Head and leg extension Adapt to different heights

14. Three-level force Different massage needs

15. HIFI Bluetooth speaker

16. Large screen control easy operation

17. Sleep mode go to sleep peacefully

18. Integrated installation free Plug and play

office chair with heat and massage

Multi-Function Five Customization Modes

5 customized massage programs for the entire family, regardless of gender age, or age, to create exclusive massages

office massage chair Flexible fascia movement Massage techniques are more comfortable

Just like a human hand imitating the knuckle ridge massage More touch points targeted

expensive office chair

The S-shaped track on the back fitsair

Deep 3D kneading Create a unique approach

Bring you a comfortable and relaxing massage experienceoffice chair with leg and head restNeck high and low massage head

Flexible high and low massage

Lower back massage

Massage the lower back with strong tapping and kneading

Dual massage heads for buttocks

Massage head for people who sit and stand for long periods of time

S9eb2f9f25bc74e51830f928fbc0b0cd02Zero gravity suspension Imagine the floating feeling in the cloud

Deeply relax with all your body and soul, as if you are in space, feeling the comfort brought by the massage chair, and your whole body is light and floatingSaa6dbeaae53e4aa5aab3cf68bba0df1esFull body wrap massage

A warm embrace awakens the body and mind

Surrounding airbags are distributed throughout the body, with a wave-like cycle rhythm of pinching, pressing, and massaging. The breathing airbags fully wrap around the body, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience

Shoulder airbag pinch

Arm airbag pinch

Kneading of the hip airbag

Leg airbags fully wrapped




Moderate strength

linear measure

Deep compressionS5a6e5b3108184bb0bad80b29281281cbkShoulder airbag wrap massage

Arm airbag massage

Buttocks airbag wrap massage

Leg and foot airbag wrap massageSb9472b655a43434b8e24d33ccaa3a11c3Multiple care for legs and feet SPA Enjoy a foot spa at home

Airbags wrap in multiple directions and press the feet in wavesS46e162de726244838bc43084bca149b5UThree stage leg and foot massage

Relieve daily leg soreness and bloating, and provide deep relaxation

Calf pinching

Foot wrap

Plantar scrapingS01d61e3a0958408cb3891868a51bf887wHot compress on waist Warmth all over the back

Hot compress massage on lower back and calt.

Warm the body and mind

Heat compression penetrates the lower back

Increased hot compress range+Scbf9b263d9df4775b569aaaec4c3d107LWhen it’s difficult to fall asleep late at night, paired with Bluetooth sound, it’s no longer lonely at night, deeply purifying, letting go of fatigue, relaxing and massagingSe7dfd0a5dc804470ab807bfdb25841b9YArmrest linkage

Curve front sliding dart space

Short distance against the wall, suitable for various family scenarios

Reserve 10cm

New massage chair

Integrated transportation provincial space

Old-style massage chair

Split backrest backwards occupies a large areaS5670ce1c10a04549912be59fa280aed7wHigh Definition LCD Intelligent Touch Screen

Intelligent touch control, easy to control your massage needs, with sensitive touch and instant touchScd955d510be24d3ab69b28329464969e3HIF fever level audio system Music lingering and soothing massage

Surround sound system

Noise Suppression

Bluetooth connectivityScb4e8a00a1ae49cb9207210d433054e5fDurable and breathable leather for a smooth feel

Free extension of feet for use at heights of 150~190cm

Convenient roller, effortless and easy to moveScdcf6dfcfd2444a2800344ea9709817beIntegrated molding without installation

Say goodbye to the troubles of installation and use it immediately after unpackingS442231d279314f1a8b69aea40350b75d7S4b9a92c26efe4e37ac3504284600fcf5lS6a550a4cc8b24d5d88f1fd0bf75c5d86U

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Weight 82 kg
Dimensions 112 cm
Brand Name



Mainland China

Model Number





Three year

Item Type

Massage & Relaxation






100% Original Innovative Brand


Use immediately after unpacking


Perfect inner protection + wooden frame and carton

Rated power







Air bag compression and massage for shoulders, arms, thighs and calves Function


Double leggings air bag massage, the air bag compresses the legs and relieves sore legs The legs are relaxed.


Unique heating function and leg heating can relieve fatigue through heat therapy.


Zero Gravity and Bluetooth functionality for music


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Suitable for all countries


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