Zero Gravity Massage Chair for Ultimate Comfort & Relaxation

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Experience unparalleled relaxation with our Zero Gravity Massage Chair, featuring advanced features like noise reduction, intelligent detection, SL rail, and Bluetooth music connectivity. Indulge in personalized comfort with neck and shoulder pressure relief, foot roller scraping, whole-body airbag system, and multi-speed adjustment for the ultimate massage experience.


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Introducing the pinnacle of relaxation technology: our Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

Designed to cater to your every comfort need, this cutting-edge chair combines advanced features with luxurious design for an unparalleled massage experience.

Say goodbye to distractions with our noise reduction hood, ensuring a serene environment for your relaxation sessions. The intelligent detection system adapts the massage to your body’s unique contours, providing targeted relief exactly where you need it.

Equipped with an SL rail mechanism, our chair delivers a comprehensive massage from your neck down to your lower back, effectively relieving tension and stress. Experience the ultimate pressure relief in neck and shoulder, allowing you to unwind after a long day.

The stretch function promotes flexibility and enhances relaxation, while the integrated LCD display puts control at your fingertips, allowing you to customize your massage experience with ease.

Embrace the sensation of weightlessness with our zero gravity feature, as the chair reclines to distribute your weight evenly, alleviating pressure on your spine and enhancing relaxation. Immerse yourself further with Bluetooth music connectivity, allowing you to unwind to your favorite tunes.

Thanks to body shape detection and a smart manipulator, the massage chair adjusts intuitively to your body, providing personalized comfort and relief. Treat your tired feet to the soothing sensation of foot roller scraping, while the whole-body airbag system envelops you in a gentle embrace, promoting relaxation from head to toe.

Indulge in the warmth of the waist and leg warm compress feature, melting away tension and promoting circulation. With multi-speed adjustment options, you can tailor the intensity of your massage to suit your preferences, while the one-key forward function ensures seamless operation.

Experience true relaxation and rejuvenation with our Zero Gravity Massage Chair — your ticket to ultimate comfort and well-being.


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massage chair zero gravity
*Human-like Vario Motion Mechanism
*SL Long Track Massage from Neck to Buttock
*145cm in length Long Track Massage
*Dual Heating Lower Back
*6 Unique Massage Techniques
*12 Auto Programs
*1 Spot Program
*Tri-Action Sole Roller Massage
*Adjustable Foot & Calf to find a larger height range
*Arm Airbag Massage
*Seat and Thigh Airbag Massage
*Foot and Calf Airbag Massage
*5 Air intensity Levels
*5 Massage Speed Levels
*One Touch Zero Gravity PositionBrushless DC Motor
*Full Back Acupoint Heating
*Chromotherapy 2.0 Lighting
*Stereo Surround Speaker for Music
*Precise Body Scanning
*Max Massage Time: 30 Minutes
*Wall Hugging / Space Saving / 12CM from Wall
*Smart Dial Embedded in Armrest
*Quick Action Control Embedded in Armrest
*Auto Leg Length Detectable
*Inductive-Stop Sensors in Footrest
*7″ Wired Touch-Screen Control
*Equipped with Overheating
zero gravity massage chair

Newly upgraded core technology

  • Noise reduction hood
  • Intelligent detection
  • SL rail
  • Neck and shoulder pressure relief
  • Stretch stretch
  • LCD
  • Zero gravity
  • Bluetooth music
  • Body shape detection
  • Smart manipulator
  • Foot roller scraping
  • Whole body airbag
  • Waist and leg warm compress
  • Multi-speed adjustment
  • One key forward
o gravity massage chair

Negative oxygen ions, enjoy the clear air

full body zero gravity massage chair

Noise-reducing sleep hood to create a semi-enclosed private massage space

real relax zero gravity massage chair

It comes with smart anti-pinch sensor.

smart anti-pinch sensor
voice control zero gravity massage chairIntelligent matching, accurate positioning
  • Thumb rub
  • Three-finger rub
  • Two finger rub
  • Push
  • Tumble
  • Fish label kneading
  • Palm root rubbing
  • Kneading
Intelligent matching, accurate positioning massage chair

Organic silicone manipulator, suitable for the neck and shoulder of different people.
Simulate zero gravity in space, stretch and relax the whole body, help relax sleep

organic silicone manipulator massage chair

Our manipulator
Titanium steel quality, focus on durability and comfort, accurate positioning massage
Prone to aging and deformation, the accuracy is affected

Flexible manipulator 14cm deep touch to relax
Synchronized massages such as beating, kneading, beating, etc., make your body comfortable from the outside to the inside

titanium steel quality massage chair


Three-stage foot massage

zero gravity massage chair with three stage foot massage.

silicon robot massage chairflexible bionic manipulator massage chairthai massage zero gravity massage chair

Upgrade knob control
Easy for parents to use

upgrade nob control easy for parents to use
upgrade nob control easy for parents to usepressure detection zero gravity massage chair

Hall + pressure detection
7-segment body height detection
3-segment shoulder width detection

pressure detection massage chair

Smart wireless charging.
Intelligent matching, precise positioning.
Support wireless charging protocol.

Smart wireless charging.

Simulate zero gravity experience in space

Simulate zero gravity experience in space

74 sets of whole-body airbags to simulate the experience of the space capsule
For people with cold legs and arthritis all year round, it helps

74 sets of whole-body airbags to simulate the experience of the space capsule

Arm airbag
Stretch and relax
Shoulder airbag
Bump + magnetic therapy
Leg airbag
Thigh + calf circulatory kneading

Arm airbag

Relax sore and tired feet, promote blood, and improve cold feet
Airbag multi-directional wrapping, pressing calf and foot, sole roller scraping combined massage, relaxing leg and foot spa at home
Roller massage
Airbag massage
Airbag massage
Roller scraping

Relax sore and tired feet, promote blood, and improve cold feet
scalable feature
0 gravity massage chair

waist, back and leg heating massage chair

Mobile phone Bluetooth connection
Relaxing and immersing massage

Bluetooth music
Noise suppression quality

Mobile phone Bluetooth connection

One-button forward sliding design, flexible and not occupying space, can be placed as you like

One-button forward sliding design, flexible and not occupying space, can be placed as you like

Product parameter

zero gravity massage chairzero gravity massage chair with eco-friendly pu leather

Global shipping

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Considering its quality and all functions, Jinkairui can be regarded as one of the most popular and competitive massage chair brands. Although this investment is indeed worthwhile, it is not a cheap chair. It can greatly benefit your body and health.

our zero gravity massage chair workshopS41d848b2e25a478baa022ee84e15d904y
delivery time in Russia is 2-15 days and in Spanish is 3-7 days
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Fast delivery (24 hours)


Use immediately after unpacking

Maximum User Weight

200 kg

Maximum User Height

200 cm


110-240 V

Rated power

220 watts


Perfect interior protection + wooden frame pallet and cardboard box


Follow our store


Real-time heart rate monitoring, support wireless charging protocol, open the wireless era


Add negative oxygen ions to enjoy the fresh air


Low-noise sleeping hood to create a semi-enclosed private massage space


ntelligent anti-pinch sensing, automatically stops when you feel foreign objects


Voice control, easy operation even with eyes closed


Lengthen the SL track massage, from the neck to the legs


Highly simulated manual massage, multi-directional linkage massage


Hall + pressure detection, interpretation accuracy up to 99%


CE Certificate


please contact

Armrest removable



suitable for all countries

9 reviews for Zero Gravity Massage Chair for Ultimate Comfort & Relaxation

  1. А***ч

    Good chair, I recommend. Came quickly.

  2. M***a

    Massage level, control, back massage, shoulder massage, design, material quality, very quiet

  3. Н***ч

    The chair is a cannon, a bomb, came in full working order, checked nothing creaks all the details are fitted as it should, the massage makes just a walk, with my height 185 cm. Cramps and shoulders and buttocks! The seller made a discount. The only delivery was a month delay. On the 4th floor, 4 wipers were dragged with great effort, keep in mind the heavy chair! Definitely recommend this model!!!

  4. Б***ч

    The chair is chic. Done very well. Dragged into the house with my wife together. Control from the tablet in English. Intuitive everything is clear, a lot of automatic programs. You still need to understand the individual programs. All declared functions work, massage, music, ionizer, wireless charging, etc. The seller sent gifts: massage glasses (cool item), chair cover, and processing. By delivery. Ordered at the end of November. The seller gave the wrong tracking number. Was supposed to come in mid-December. In fact received on January 20. brought “business lines”. The order was strangely tracked and there was a certain chaos by delivery dates, which was a little upsetting. Paid 235 pods. For this price in Russia nothing to buy with such functionality.

  5. С***в

    Great so far.

  6. Н***ч

    Great chair. Did not expect such an effect. Thanks to the seller, good packaging, whole arrived. The seller put two gifts. Recommend!

  7. Л***ч

    I liked the chair externally and functionally, many modes. There is English. The seller is sociable, quickly answers questions, put gifts in the set of the chair (nice). Delivery from Russia 3 weeks, the track was not tracked.

  8. К***а

    Good chair! Everything works! Just can’t adjust the position of the neck and shoulder massage rollers.

  9. Г***ч

    Respect to the seller. And thank you very much! The chair meets the best expectations

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